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Importance of Mindshare and Its Sales-Leading Role

eBrandValue’s mindshare and brand affinity metrics play significant roles in volume sales and market share predictions. This is presented in a new white paper titled ”Accelerate Your Marketing Through eBrandValue’s Sales Model,” available at www.ebrandvalue.com/whitepaper/. The new white paper...

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A New Branding Paradigm

Over the years eBrandValue generated a suite of novel tools and methodologies to define modern branding. The focus is centered on brand affinities. Brand actions can now be measured in an accountable manner towards increasing long-term sales and brand...

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Winning Solutions team conduct the first ever Outdoor Census across top 5 cities of Pakistan in June 2014. The census gives complete listing of all the permanent outdoor assets like billboards, gantrys, bridge branding, pylons, high marks, pole signs...

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Yet another first by the Winning Solutions team by launching the first ever Outdoor media advertising expense monthly report covering top 5 cities of Pakistan. The first report is made available from 1st of Jan 2015 after successful test...

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Winning Solutions conducts the first ever Customised Outdoor market research across top 5 cities to understand Outdoor media importance across different cross sections of society. The research results were able to highlight the importance of Outdoor media as 2nd...

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